First In Line is now an International Ministry

In 2008, requests were made for 30 computer systems for a large migrant camp in Maylasia. Another 10 went to a camp in Cambodia.

In January 2012 we will ship 20 desktop computers to a school in McAllen, Texas.

Recently we received requests for 20 computers for an orphanage in Ghana and 12 for a village in Mexico.

We have recently supplied 3 specially equipped computers for small ministries in West Texas.

We are negotiating the delivery of 20 computers to another ministry in Africa and 10 computers for a ministry in India.

All of these computers serve to assist in the education of those most in need of new skill sets and education. At he same time they are receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

All this is made possible through YOUR generous gifts.

Thank You!!!

Remember, online donations are greatfull accepted through PayPal.

Students in Malaysia

Website Assistance Provided for the "Glorious Ladies Retreat"

What a Glorious Blessing for those who were able to attend!!

Website modifications and internet payment capability was added to the Roaring Springs Full Gospel website which is provided for the church by First In Line. The Retreat was October 15th. It was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! The staff of First In Line is looking forward to assisting with the retreat next year!

Website Modifications Underway for National Expo Website

The website for Resilience 2011 Emergency Preparedness Conference and Expo is being modified to provide valuable disaster preparedness information year round. First In Line Ministries will continue to sponsor this website and provide updates and additional information as needed.

Since 9-11, there has been a major effort amoung non-profit organizations to cooperate with federal, state and local agencies to develop contengency plans to deal with emergency situations.

First In Line staff has a long history of being involved with disaster communications, dispatch, shelter management, and pre-disaster logistics. This includes Ham radio, portable radio repeaters, water distribution, transportation, emergency management, shelter management, stageing supplies, and ministering to people during the worst days of their lives. Our entire staff has received the necessary FEMA training.

Over 20,000 Pounds in 2011

With the help of volunteer labor and equipment, First In Line has been able to recycle over 20,000 pounds of "e-scrap" in 2011. The computer industry is moving ahead so fast that much of the donated equipment from 2 to 3 years ago has become completely obsolete.

10,000 pounds of e-scrap heading for certified recycling program

We haul the obsolete and non-repairable units to a certified recycler for dismantling into basic materials for use in manufacturing new products. This helps keep many hazardous materials out of the landfills.

This is another way to reduce the strain on our environment. Recycling reduces the need for raw material and the extensive processing needed to prepare it for the manufacturing process..